Welcome to Kyle Welding

Kyle Welding & Machine Shop Ltd. is a provider of agricultural products and services from British Columbia to Manitoba.  We typically deal direct-to-customer which helps avoid middleman markups.

We are manufacturers of galvanized water tanks, stock water troughs, custom fuel slip tanks and Jacobsen single disc field markers.

We serve Canada and the northern States.

Some of the products that we manufacture are listed below.
  • Kyle Welding galvanized water tanks
  • Kyle Welding galvanized water troughs
  • Jacobsen single disc field markers
  • Custom fuel slip tanks
  • Replacement fire truck tanks
  • Auxiliary fire truck tanks with dump valves

Some of the services we provide include Concave straightening and sharpening, regroove rollers for roller mills, hydraulic cylinder repair, custom sheet metal shearing (1/4" X 10' capacity), custom metal braking, welding & machining as well as supply some farm equipment & parts.

Contact Kyle Welding & Machine Shop today to discuss your project with our knowledgable staff.

Questions or Comments? kylewelding@sasktel.net